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Be Confident Knowing Your Marketing Is Professional And Done For You

Software & Set Up

Simply provide us with your basic business information - logo, company name, bio, etc. Then we get to work setting up your keepful® account and customizing it to fit your business. You can be up and running with your new marketing automation done-for-you in under 1 business day!

  • Setup and branding done for you

  • Access to video tutorials

  • Minimize the learning curve with our onboarding step-by-step process

Website Design & Hosting

If you don't absolutely love your current website (or maybe you don't have one at all), not to worry! In addition to the landing page that comes standard with your keepful® account, we have a 5 page website template that we will customize to match your brand and business voice. Imagine having a website you're proud of in a matter of days and all hosting and security is handled by keepful®.

  • Minimal effort required

  • Fully customizable

  • No knowledge needed of website builders or coding

Optional Additions

Since our goal at keepful® is to help you grow your business, we are constantly building out new ways for you to attract high quality leads and convert them to paying, monthly clients. New feature releases come with done-for-you content, processes, and more!

  • Automations, email copy, and landing pages included

  • Customization assistance from the team

  • Add revenue streams and lead generation options to your business

Technical Support

Does tech give you a headache? Not only do you get to streamline your tech stack with keepful®...where we really shine is in our level of support. You never have to go it alone again. You have dedicated experts to help you navigate any tech questions you face as you learn and use the software.

  • Unlimited email support

  • Option to schedule a live 1-1 support call if needed

  • Let the team help implement your great automation ideas!

Save 81% and Get Lots More:



Other Tools

keepful email marketing

Email Marketing

$70+ / month


feature included

keepful text marketing

SMS/Text Marketing

$49+ / month


feature included

keepful marketing funnels

Marketing Funnels

$97+ / month


feature included

keepful calendar automation

Calendar Automation

$36+ / month


feature included

keepful contact manager

Contact Mgr / CRM

$99+ / month


feature included

keepful surveys and forms

Surveys & Forms

$36+ / month


feature included

keepful website builder

Website Builder

$27+ / month


feature included

keepful calling and voicemail

Calling & Voicemails

$25+ / month


feature included

keepful social media planner

Social Media Planner

$49+ / month

feature included

keepful live chat

Live Chat

$33+ / month


feature included

keepful automation

Tech Integration

$45+ / month


feature included

keepful courses

Create Courses

$159+ / month


feature included

keepful reputation management

Reputation Management

$83+ / month


feature included

keepful unlimited users

Unlimited Users

$250+ / month


feature included

keepful professional copy

Professional Copy

$500+ / month


feature included

Overall Cost

$1,558 / mo.

$18,696 / yr.

$1000+ setup

$297 / mo.

$2,997 / yr.

$497 setup


But Wait, there's MORE! :)

As if this deal wasn't sweet enough already, let's make it cavity-inducing. In addition to everything above, you also get these incredible bonuses for as long as you're a valued Member of keepful®:

keepful tactics library

Tactics Library

Radically improve your processes. Learn best practices. Become better at how you serve your clients. The tactics library is chock-full of how to get more done in less time. It also shows you, step-by-step how to accomplish your business goals in record time. What's included:

  • Outstanding Processes & People ($2995 Value)

  • The Marketing Machine ($2995 Value)

  • Advisory Services ($2995 Value)

  • Pricing & Packaging Services ($998 Value)

  • Building a 6-Figure Biz ($497 Value)

  • New Client Onboarding ($497 Value)

  • Cyber Security ($97 Value)

  • 2 Bookkeeping Skills Licenses ($1000 Value)

  • More Courses Coming Soon

  • $12,074 Total Value

keepful team directory

Team Directory

Listen, keepful® gets you more clients. You're rocking your processes with the help of the Tactics Library. And, that's great! But...YOU only have so many hours in the day! Who will help you to make even more money? With the directory, you can finally...

  • Search for & Find Awesome Bookkeepers

  • Find Pre-Screened Candidates

  • Know They've Earned Bookkeeper Launch® Certificate

  • Know They're QuickBooks® and/or Xero® Certified

  • Reach Out to the Right People for the Job

  • Perform Unlimited Searches

  • Unlimited Hires

  • Save Weeks in Hiring

  • Save $$$

  • Rid Yourself of Hiring Hassles

If You Avoid Losing Just 1 Prospect, keepful® Pays for Itself

>>>Join by 6/30 to get in on the workshop discussing

How to Use keepful® to Attract, Qualify and Land Awesome Clients.

See keepful® In Action

Watch this video to see what all we've built for you in keepful®. And that's just the beginning! If you have questions about how keepful® can automate the processes in your business, schedule a time to chat with us!


You've got questions? We've got answers...

Can keepful® collect e-signatures?

Yes! We recently released the e-signature feature included in your keepful® account. Customize your branded documents and all you have to do is send them off for an electronic signature!

Can I process payments through keepful®?

Yes! keepful® has a native integration with Stripe, NMi,, and PayPal. No more connecting things together haphazardly with zaps.

What if my processes are a little different?

Your keepful® account comes with done-for-you customizations. If your processes vary from what is already customized, we can tweak the automations, pipelines, etc. to fit your specific client journey.

Does keepful® bring leads to me?

Not exactly. keepful® provides you lots of different ways to raise brand awareness and wow your prospects from the first impression. However, keepful® is not a lead generation service.

What other apps do I need with keepful®?

Wait, other apps exist?! All jokes aside. The only apps you'll need are ones for your client deliverables, i.e. Keeper, a project manager app, or something similar. Speaking of Keeper, we have an integration that can trigger when a client signs and pays.

What if I already have a website?

That's great! The landing page that comes with keepful® is an additional tool that works in conjunction with your website. The purpose of your website is to raise brand awareness. The purpose of the landing page is to have one call to action - scheduling a consult with you.

Do I need a scheduler, like Calendly?

Nope! Anything that Calendly can do, keepful® can with more customizable follow-up automations.

Still have questions?

Send an email to You can also schedule a time to chat so we can answer your questions live!

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