Attention Bookkeepers: keepful®...

Automates Your Marketing So That

You Can Focus on Bookkeeping

Discover the solution tailor-made for bookkeepers who'd

rather crunch numbers than run campaigns

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The 3-step keepful® Process

keepful® takes care of marketing "busy" work so that you can focus on breakthrough actions

keepful information

STEP 1: Provide Your Info

Give us a little information about yourself, such as logo, who you serve, etc. Once we know what sets your business apart, now...

keepful customization

STEP 2: We Customize It

The customization of your keepful® account to reflect your brand and ideal audience. We add the touches that make you stand out, so that...

keepful go live

STEP 3: You Go Live!

All you do is review your site, familiarize yourself with the done-for-you automations, and prepare for launch. Yes, it's that simple!

keepful works for you

keepful® Works For You 24/7

It handles the follow-up & nurture of leads for you. Set it and forget it.

Automates the delivery of clients to you in a predictable, consistent & profitable manner.

  • Avoid losing 1 client, keepful® pays for itself

  • Gets you better clients

  • Overcomes tech headaches

keepful® Features

Here's some of what you get:

keepful automated followup

Automated Followup

keepful prebuilt consult page

Pre-Built Consult Page

keepful unlimited users

Unlimited # of Users

keepful prewritten emails

Pre-Written Emails

keepful text messaging

Text Message Automation

keepful analytics and tracking

Analytics & Tracking

keepful built in messaging

Built in Messaging

keepful professional copy

Professional Copy

keepful professional website

Professional Website

keepful live website chat

Live Website Chat

keepful calling and voicemail

Calling & Voicemails

keepful setup done for you

Setup Done for You

See keepful® In Action

Watch this video to see what all we've built for you in keepful®. And that's just the beginning! If you have questions about how keepful® can automate the processes in your business, schedule a time to chat with us!


You've got questions? We've got answers...

Can keepful® collect e-signatures?

Yes! We recently released the e-signature feature included in your keepful® account. Customize your branded documents and all you have to do is send them off for an electronic signature!

Can I process payments through keepful®?

Yes! keepful® has a native integration with Stripe, NMi,, and PayPal. No more connecting things together haphazardly with zaps.

What if my processes are a little different?

Your keepful® account comes with done-for-you customizations. If your processes vary from what is already customized, we can tweak the automations, pipelines, etc. to fit your specific client journey.

Does keepful® bring leads to me?

Not exactly. keepful® provides you lots of different ways to raise brand awareness and wow your prospects from the first impression. However, keepful® is not a lead generation service.

What other apps do I need with keepful®?

Wait, other apps exist?! All jokes aside. The only apps you'll need are ones for your client deliverables, i.e. Keeper, a project manager app, or something similar. Speaking of Keeper, we have an integration that can trigger when a client signs and pays.

What if I already have a website?

That's great! The landing page that comes with keepful® is an additional tool that works in conjunction with your website. The purpose of your website is to raise brand awareness. The purpose of the landing page is to have one call to action - scheduling a consult with you.

Do I need a scheduler, like Calendly?

Nope! Anything that Calendly can do, keepful® can with more customizable follow-up automations.

Still have questions?

Send an email to You can also schedule a time to chat so we can answer your questions live!

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